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I’m back

Didn’t know for sure if I’d get back to this so soon. I like it though.

One thing, I work a lot. Have a night job which means I am gone from home all day away from the wife. So she’s home alone but we text a lot.

then I work all day most of the time. Not always a good thing since my wife would like to see me some but she works at home so it makes seeing her easier. We raise rabbits and I spend most of the day fooling with watering and feeding those little critters.

She made a website and is having more success with selling them. I used to not care when people would talk about eating them, I used to be one of those rabbit eaters myself. It is a little harder when people talk about it now cause I guess I’ve got softer toward the woodland creatures since I started taking care of them. Now they are just pets to me.

Her website is this:

there is some writing she does on there and some pixts. We’re going to add some pixts of the metal detecting soon, if I quit working anytime soon. I don’t always feel like working but I think that it is true; if you work at night people don’t think you have a job and want you to keep up with them all day too. Guess I’ll have time to sleep later on.

That’s all for now blogg friends-catch ya later.


Metal Detecting 4 All

Seems metal detecting got a response. It is a great hobby for anyone, male, female, youngsters and oldsters. It’s also really great exercise.

I take my wife occasionally, she kind of likes to go or at least acts like she does. Like most wives she must like it or she wouldn’t go–you know how they are.

I have found some really cool civil war relics, jewelry, (though nothing really old), coins-again, nothing really old. I guess the war relics are my favorites but it is really just great to get to go hang out with my brothers and the other guys.

We even go down to the local park and pick up a lot of change there. That’s something we like to do just for the fun of it.

Well talk to yall later–gotta check out the folks on craigslist.

Went to work

Went to work, came home to eat and going back to work soon as I eat. Post more tomorrow have to check out CL.

What I Do

Guess it’s easy to see why I would call this blog-What I Do. That’s kind of what I mean. Im confused.

I should tell everyone a little aobut me. I like to metal detect with a couple of my brothers and some friends. We like to find civil war relics but we’ll take whatever we can find.

It is an exciting time, youngest daughter is having a baby and Im happy bout that.

Her and her husbnd are moving closer so I can spoil the little one.

So that is my first post for now and Ill catch up later and hope you all do the same.

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